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Thor Agena B with Discoverer 28 (Aug. 4, 1961)

The launch of Discoverer 28

Discoverer 28, also known as Corona 9021, was an American optical reconnaissance satellite which was lost in a launch failure in 1961. It was the last KH-2 Corona' satellite, which was based on an Agena-B.[1]

The launch of Discoverer 28 occurred at 00:01 UTC on 4 August 1961. A Thor DM-21 Agena-B rocket was used, flying from Launch Complex 75-1-1 at the Vandenberg Air Force Base.[2] It failed to achieve orbit after the Agena's guidance and control system malfunctioned.[3][4]

Discoverer 28 was to have operated in a low Earth orbit. The satellite had a mass of 1,150 kilograms (Template:Convert/round lb),[5] and was equipped with a panoramic camera with a focal length of 61 centimetres (Template:Convert/round in), which had a maximum resolution of 7.6 metres (Template:Convert/round ft).[4] Images were to have been recorded onto 70-millimeter (Template:Convert/LoffAonSon) film, and returned in a Satellite Recovery Vehicle. The Satellite Recovery Vehicle carried by Discoverer 28 was SRV-512.[5]


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